Wowza Media Systems and NexStreaming have partnered to create an end-to-end video solution to allow Live Streaming and Local Video Playback into any Android/iOS application regardless of the device from which it is being played. Wowza Media Systems software is focused on building, deploying and managing streaming solutions for the delivery of high-quality and engaging live and on-demand video contents. Thanks to this partnership, applications with NexPlayer inside are always 100% compatible with Wowza streams and will always support the most advanced feature set in every device.


NexPlayer and Wowza software are also suitable for 360 video playback. In the following tutorial Wowza Media Systems shows how to create a complete workflow for 360 Live Streaming Video combining Wowza Streaming Engine and NexPlayer360 SDK:

If you are interested in trying your own Live or On-demand video services with NexPlayer, please download a demo app with NexPlayer inside here:

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